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Avandra Tours is a local Registered Tour and Transportation Company. It is based in Morocco and run by a Berber family. Combining many years of experience in the Moroccan travel industry and a deep understanding of Moroccan culture, we create fantastic, memorable, and affordable Morocco tours for our customers. Therefore, they can experience the rich history, exotic lifestyle, and breathtaking landscapes of Morocco. Additionally, our mission is to provide high-quality Morocco tour packages at reasonable prices for world travelers. Our family founded Avandra Tours. We are Berbers (Or Amazigh). We started arranging camel safaris decades ago in our home (the Sahara desert). After so many happy clients, the demand grew. As a result, we expanded from the region to follow our nomadic roots and cover the whole Kingdom of Morocco.

The integrity of the team and the value of the services provided by Avandra Tours is guided in principle by a travel philosophy that relies on professionalism and commitment to engage travelers in a unique cultural immersion.

Come and discover the most interesting and unique wonders of Morocco with us. Various tours are available for your selection. You may also contact us directly to tailor-made a tour that suits your needs. Everyone has different tastes and passions. Thereby, our objective is to create your tour of Morocco. We personalize them to suit the length of your trip and the aspects of Morocco you would like to experience. Just let us know the length of your visit, anticipated dates, places you would like to see. We will design a perfect tour for you.

Your driver can pick you up at any Moroccan airport or Riad (Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier, and other cities). Escort to you to the desired destination in a comfortable air-conditioned car/van.  Although there is an itinerary, the tour is flexible and you stop anywhere you like. Travel at your own pace.

Have a look at our suggested tours of Morocco for ideas of your trip. Tour may last from a single day to several weeks. It can start at any time of the day, on any day of the week, and from anywhere in Morocco. More tours in different length and routes are available for your selection. contact us for more details.

Moreover, create beautiful travel memories for a lifetime.

Morocco Tour

If you have never taken a Morocco tour, how do you decipher between all the options? With so many Morocco tour operators, it’s difficult for travelers to know who to trust. The team at Avandratours.com totally understands this dilemma. We get that it’s a long way to travel to Morocco. We also appreciate that a Morocco tour is often a once in a lifetime experience and you want your travel adventure to be truly memorable.

That’s why we do everything we can to make your Morocco tour easy and enjoyable for you. From the initial enquiry through to follow up after your Morocco vacation, we pay attention to every detail. Why? Because we are committed to help, you to create beautiful travel memories.

Curious and want to know more about the Avandratours.com difference? Discover the secrets to create a perfect Morocco tour.