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Curious and want to know more about the Avandratours.com difference?

Why Us?

Find out why a Morocco tour with us is a unique travel experience.

Moreover, create beautiful travel memories for a lifetime If you have never taken a Morocco tour, how do you decipher between all the options? With so many Morocco tour operators, it’s difficult for travelers to know who to trust. The team at AvandraTours.com totally understands this dilemma. We get that it’s a long way to travel to Morocco. We also appreciate that a Morocco tour is often a once in a lifetime experience and you want your travel adventure to be truly memorable. That’s why we do everything we can to make your Morocco tour easy and enjoyable for you. From the initial enquiry through to follow up after your Morocco vacation, we pay attention to every detail. Why? Because we are committed to help, you to create beautiful travel memories.

Curious and want to know more about the Avandratours.com difference?

Discover the secrets to create a perfect Morocco tour.

Avandratours.com difference #1:
Hotel locations that save time and money

If there is one thing, you should know before traveling to Morocco is it takes time to move about regardless of where you are going. Particularly in busy cities like Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech, traveling in traffic can eat into precious tour time. It pays to know that accommodation out of the city will cost you – time, money and an experience of real Morocco.
We understand you didn’t travel to Morocco to spend time sitting in traffic. That’s why we select some hotels close to your tour’s sights. And what about after the day’s touring is over? There’s no need to stay locked up in your hotel room. Time to get out and get amongst it!

Avandratours.com difference #2:
Travel with a guide and make a personal connection with real Morocco

Here are guides – and there are Avandratours.com tour guides. For over a decade, we have sourced the very best tour guides in the business. Here’s why. We understand a Morocco tour guide can make – or break – your travel experience with us. We also know there is nobody better than a knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic local to share their city with you. Only a real inhabitant can provide a window into the essence of the city. Only a real inhabitant will be able to share from their experience as a local.
We search out people who genuinely care about and are proud of their city – and we pay extra to keep them as part of the Avandratours.com team. We figure we must be doing something right because many guides have worked with us for over 2 years. When you travel with Avandratours.com, you learn from people who love what they do and who want to share that enthusiasm with you

Avandratours.com difference #3:
Enjoy comfort and safety in our new coaches and cars

With a commitment to your comfort and safety on tour paramount for us, we carefully select travel partners who align with our values. When traveling between sights, or to and from hotels and airports, we engage the service of quality transport providers. All vehicles meet licensing and regulatory standards, are less than three years old, and we never use secondhand vehicles. While a price differential is reflected in our vehicle selection, we value the safety and comfort of our customers while they are traveling with us.

Avandratours.com difference #4:
Tour itineraries designed with you in mind

The Avandratours.com travel design team are travelers just like you. They want their tours to be more than a holiday – they want an experience. That’s why we design our tour itineraries with you in mind.
Every aspect of the tour from pick up to sights to when we finally see you off is carefully curated to create a beautiful travel memory.
We really do mean it when we say Avandratours.com takes care of every detail. It’s our attention to every little thing and the service we provide which makes all the difference.

Avandratours.com difference #5:
Shop like a local

We totally understand shopping for a memento from your travels is part of the total experience. However, we also understand nobody likes feeling they’re forced to shop in certain locations because it suits the tour guide or driver. We’re proud to say we have no commission-based shopping stops on our tours.
In destinations where shopping can be a unique and special experience, we like to keep it that way for our customers. That’s why we offer our guests the opportunity to explore and discover shopping that makes every city special. Our approach to shopping on tour is perfect for the traveler who values culture, experience, and beautiful travel memories. While touring with Avandratours.com, you only need to ask your guide for assistance to find your very own travel treasure – and they will lead the way. Whether you want to visit the biggest shopping mall, tiniest bespoke artisan’s shop, or local markets, we’ll take you there. When you shop with us, there are no commissions, no cons, and no hidden costs. Just shopping on tour the way it should be.